Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Act 1, Scene 7

Romeo goes to the party under his mask and when he first sees Juliet he forgets about Rosaline instantly. He says to himself that when the party is almost over that he would go over to her and hold her hand. At the instant Tybalt hears Romeo talk he knows he's a Montague right away. He tells this to Lord Capulet and is about to take his sword to Romeo when Lord Capulet stops him. Telling Tybalt that Romeo is known as a well-mannered boy and means no disrespect. Also that it will disrupt the party. Tybalt is still mad over this but stays quiet. In the meantime Romeo goes over to Juliet. Holds her hand and tells her that his hand doesn't deserve a hand like hers. They later kiss twice and then the Nurse comes and gets Juliet for someone. Nurse tells both Romeo and Juliet who each other were separately. They both think how they could fall in love with the enemy.

For the facebook page me and my partner will put our parts together to make it seem as both sides of a Journal come together to be linked. Showing the same compassion that they had to each other.

Act 1, Scene 6

Benvolio, Mercutio, and Romeo are on there way to the party. They are walking down the streets with their torches talking about how Romeo needs to get back into the game. The party is on the Capulet's territory and is a masquerade party so no one will be able to notice that they are Montagues. Romeo is saying that Mercutio and Benvolio can go dance and he will just watch. He doesn't want to do with any of this party.

On my facebook page I would list how Romeo is truly feeling towards the event and how he is going to advance it.

Act 1, Scene 5

Lady Capulet is all in favor of Juliet marrying Paris. Trying to convince her that even at 13 and almost 14 on August 1 that almost all girls her age are married and pregnant. The nurse is included in this conversation saying how just 11 years ago she was nursing Juliet and saying how things were like then. She has grown up so fast in the nurse's eyes and making it seem like this marriage between Juliet and Paris is already a done deal. Juliet says she will take a look and see. Though Lady Capulet doesn't think that wil be all.

For the facebook page I would have my partner right like a journal type thing for what Juliet really thinks.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Act 1, Scene 4

Benvolio is on a mission to find out what is wrong with Romeo and cheer him up. Romeo is saying how much he loved Rosaline but she didn't love him back. Being dumb-founded at heart but can't get over how beautiful she was. Benvolio tries to tell him that there are other girls and that they can go find some but Romeo can't. Benvolio can't see how much Romeo really loved her.

For the print advertising I would make a diary type thing that Romeo had for his love for Rosaline. Then it would be in a newspaper as a lost article that was found from the famous Romeo.

Act 1, Scene 2 and 3

Scene two the Montagues are talking about what is going on with Romeo. He hasn't been himself with staying out of the families business. As a result Benvolio is sent to find out what is causing this with no clue of the obvious.In Scene 3 they go to the Capulets. Paris is asking Capulet to marry Juliet. Capulet is throwing a huge party and told Paris that if he wants to marry Juliet he has to win her heart first. Capulet gives the servant the list of people invited and Montagues are the only ones that can't come. The servant doesn't know how to read, So when he goes out to find someone that can read he runs into Romeo. Romeo reads it to him and not saying he's a Montague is invited to the party.

For Scene Two my social media project would be a trailer leading up to what could look like a movie. Showing Romeo depressed at the sign of love broken and what would happen. I would then turn this into the part where he is invited. I wouldn't show anything with the Capulet's because it's the Montagues side of things. For the Capulets I would make a poster or flyer showing the event of the party.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Act 1, Scene 1

Gregory and Sampson are the starters of a fight. For the two foes, Gregory with the Montagues. The fight shows to be a word of mouth but with more people growing on each side it becomes more realistic. Insults going back and forth turn to become a bettering fight for each to sides to have more of a reason to make this fight come true.

For advertising I could make posters showing what is to be seen and to get people to come. Also I could do it like a news story and broadcasting what is going on. Show the crowd that is showing up.